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I think the game has potential, but needs to have some things implemented that it really should have.
1. A save system, no matter how you exit the game, you usually end up somewhere else in the building that you already passed, but you dont have the items that you had, and your enemies that you killed respawned. This is the biggest problem with Skyhill.
2. More events, the possible events are really anti-climatic, and don’t really have any effect on the player in my opinion.
3. Implement a recycling system, weapons that you dont really need, examples kitchen knives and stilettos, you should be able to recycle items like those for scrap metal, blades, etc.
4. Perks, the current perks are really awkward and unnessecary, some of them give you a disadvantage rather than a helping hand, or a quirky skill you could use in a situation. I think either adding better perks or improving the current ones is a good idea.
5. Add more skill level flexibility, the level system in Skyhill is really basic, and only really matters because of the weapons requiring a certain level of strength, speed, etc. I think that there should be more positives for each, like speed could also increase dodging rate of enemy attacks, dexterity could allow less food to be expended, and strength could increase crit chance.

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