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Minecraft: Story Mode 1.4

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minecraft story modes Free Download! MCSM, minecraft SM
Updated: Jun 03, 2016
Version: 1.4
Size: 923 MB
The new game minecraft story modes is…Amazing! This game is so addicting I have played Episode one over and over and over again, each time making new decisions. I very much like that feature of deciding outcomes of some situations.
Minecraft Story Mode
The voice acting is pretty impressive and the graphics are great! I like the creativity of the wither, getting to choose your character, etc. And please please please make the next episode soon!!! I really like the ending leaving you on a major cliffhanger and the story in general. I kind of wished that the rest of the episodes were made and could buy the full version with all the episodes for like maybe $15-$20. But overall I am really satisfied with the gameplay and the game in general! I am very exited about the new episodes and I really hope that they are coming soon! And very big congrats from all the fans of Minecraft Storymode to Telltale games! If your still reading this then good job to you reader and I know I probably spelled plenty of things wrong but thanks for staying with me!

Player review: Ok, I love Minecraft Story Mode, but I’ve heard a lot of things I want to address that I can see make sense. So some people have said that there’s not enough freedom. Well I agree but I enjoy the TV like way of watching this. Some points are cliché and some of the voices don’t perfectly line up with the characters mouths. But really that’s kinda lame to make a whole game bad just because the mouths don’t line up perfectly. And the freedom part. Like I said it’s kinda like a good TV show, where you’d get to kinda control the characters. You get to move around for small parts, Solve some mystery type things, and choose what your character does and says. So I personally love this game, because I’m a fan of this type of aspect. Ok, 2 more points I need to address. The price. It is over priced. The first part is $5 and take 2 hours. And all other parts are $5 and take about 30min-1 and a half hours. But those are the first 3 out of 5 chapters. So I think it’s worth it so I spent $15 and bought all of them at once. And the last thing I need to say, is the screen quality. I’ve heard people say that it lags on iPod 5’s. I can’t test that but I’ve heard it a lot. I have an IPhone 6s so it runs great on mine. So if you have an IPhone 5 and up, it should be fine. Below I would stay away. So just to recap, if you like TV, interactive stories, some funny humour, and minecraft, this game is for you, if not, I’d invest your money elsewhere

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